Safety is an important issue for cyclists. But...


Safety is an important issue for cyclists. But nobody really likes to ride with a warning vest and standard reflectors, for example. Product designer Anthony Clune (aka "Tonky") from Brooklyn, New York, is hit by a car while cycling in 2011. This experience inspires him to make road traffic safer. And cooler..

His idea: Reflective Buttons and stickers in different colors and shapes. These can be attached to the bike or, for example, to the helmet and other accessories. This is where creativity is in demand! Just combined in colour, this also looks chic during the day and makes your bike colorful and individual.

When the stylish stickers are illuminated by a car headlight at night, they throw back the light and seems to shine. So you will be noticed much faster by other road users on your bike in the dark and dusk. Safety is also available in cool: RydeSafe Reflective Bike Decals

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